Anonymous said:  I just want to say you're so beautiful (: !!! I hope you have a wonderful day !

Thank you so much! <3 I hope you do as well! :)

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Anonymous said:  I think you're perfect and a great role model 😘

Thank you so much darling! It makes me so happy to know that for every 1 hater I have, I have so many more lovely people like you by my side ♥ ❤️

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Anonymous said:  Your fashion sense is amazing! There's not Many people whose blog I would look at just to see there ootd but, yours I would. You rock anything you wear, so glad I found your page

Thank you! Glad you like them :) 

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Just won at a 6 hour board game. #feelsgood #caverna
Sometimes you just gotta say screw summer, I wanna be a space princess.
Top: Asos, Leggings: Torrid, Boots: Asos, Necklace: Forever21 
Anonymous said:  Hi hi c: So I'm going to Galapagos in 2 weeks with some friends and I really got no idea where to buy a swimming suit and this is like the first time in 2 years I go to the beach, so I need help with that...

TorridSwimsuitsForAllModcloth (link will get you 20 off 50 on your first purchase), Monif C, and Asos all have nice swimsuits for plus sizes! If anyone else has any recommendations please reply to this and help this anon out <3

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Anonymous said:  How tall are you?

I’m 5ft 7 :)

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Anonymous said:  You are so adorable, I wish I was as cute as you!

I’m sure you are! Rock your cuteness just the way you are! <3

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New septum ring came in! I need more clickers now! I skipped winged liner today and my eyes feel naked.
Just finished filming a video on how I dye my hair! I should have it up sometime next week ❤️ thank you to the person who suggested I do it!
Anonymous said:  other anon is a fool. It's a sheer cardigan not a kimono, proving that anon is WHITE and should shut the hell up.

Thank you! <3 

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